Best heavy duty aluminium hand trucks – Comparison and reviews

By | April 20, 2016

Heavy Duty Aluminum Hand Trucks

Handtrucks come in a wide range depending on their applications. Of these, heavy duty trucks are first becoming necessary have for both personal and industrial heavy duty needs. The auto spare parts vendor, home mover, and warehouse staff among others appreciate these trucks for their ability to withstand heavy bulky weight.

An advantage that heavy duty handtrucks present over the others is that they can handle both small and large load capacity tasks. They are a good multitask for the smaller weight too so that if you have one heavy duty handtruck it may not be necessary to acquire another for your smaller tasks.

There are even more advantages if the hand truck is made of Aluminium. Aluminium is a light weight yet sturdy metal that makes any structure strong and light at the same time. This means that hand trucks made out of aluminium are themselves lighter, but are able to bear heavy load.

We have already talked about some popular aluminium hand trucks in a previous post here –

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In this post however, we shall be focusing on “heavy duty” aluminium hand trucks. So here are the 4 best ones.

1. Cosco Products 12312ABL1E 3-in-1 Aluminum Assisted Hand Truck with Flat Free Wheels

This aluminum handtruck makes it first in our ranking because of its versatility and high load capacity. It is suitable for commercial applications and is much appreciated for its toughness and durability.

Cosco Products 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck

Cosco Products 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck


  • Ergonomic design
  • Heavy duty flat-free wheels
  • Quick one-hand conversion
  • 3-in-1 with 2-wheel upright, 4-wheel platform, and 4-wheel assisted forms
  • 1000 pound load capacity
  • Weighs 27.5 pounds
  • Wide 45inch *21inch base


Any home or commercial users will appreciate a safe to use handtruck especially for moving their overly heavy or delicate loads like household appliances. Its ergonomic design ensures utmost safety and fatigue-free moving of weight.

Versatility is a feature that makes this truck popular. In its three different modes, you can use it for just about any task. However, its four-point platform for m makes the most ideal for heavy and delicate weight like the refrigerator in the home setting. Otherwise, this is the tool to have for your upstairs tasks, rugged terrain tasks, as well as small and heavy duty tasks.

Its solid flat-free wheels compliment the other features in bearing heavy weight. No worries about slip offs, collapse or damage of part of or the entire handtruck. What’s more, conversion is quick and easy, you need no extra tools to modify it from one form to another.

Read the full review here –

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2. Magline HMK116UA4 Aluminum Hand Truck

This 2-wheel stair climbing truck is tougher than you can imagine. Its flared double pistol handles are an important feature when it comes to pulling weight up or pushing weight down the staircase.

Because it carries rather heavy weight mostly on inclines, a firm grip goes a long way to prevent the truck from slipping of your palms along with your load.

Magline HMK116UA4 Aluminum Hand Truck, 500lbs Capacity

Magline HMK116UA4 Aluminum Hand Truck, 500lbs Capacity

Key Specifications

  • Weighs 24pounds
  • 10inch pneumatic wheels
  • 500lbs load capacity
  • Flared double pistol grip handle
  • Straight back plate


Apart from the grip convenience that the handles offer, the 10 inch pneumatic wheels offer great support for heavy load. You are assured that this handtruck will bear the heavy weight it is designed to move on just any terrain while absorbing every impact that comes with rough terrains.

If you are wondering why a straight back frame, here is why. This frame comes bolted with braces across the frames for that rigid rib structure. This design presents durability, strength and easy reparability compared to others and is suitable for heavy load.

3. Magline HMK117UA4 Aluminum Hand Truck, Straight Loop Handle, Pneumatic Wheels, 500lbs Capacity

A straight loop handle and pneumatic wheels are some important features that compliment this tough heavy duty handtruck. If you are looking for a handtruck to move your delicate load on rough terrain, then this one makes a good choice because of its pneumatic wheels.

Magline HMK117UA4 Aluminum Hand Truck, 500lbs Capacity

Magline HMK117UA4 Aluminum Hand Truck, 500lbs Capacity

Key Specifications

  • 10inch Pneumatic wheels
  • 500lbs load capacity
  • Weighs 26.8pounds
  • 18″ x 7-1/2″ die cast aluminum nose plate
  • 52inch straight loop handle with pistol


This hand truck’s nose plate is a feature to behold especially where bulky oddly shaped loads form the users’ need. Die cast aluminum is quite tough and good for bulky weight. Furthermore, the plate is wide enough to carry bulky load.

The long loop handle with pistol enhances grip and makes it ideal for moving weight up and down stairs. Again, its handles are long enough for just any human height. Never mind if you are 6.5 ft tall.

4. NK Heavy Duty Aluminum Dual-Handle Hand Truck with Stair Climbers, Die-Cast Nose

Movers especially love this handtruck because it is tough and has been built with stair climbing tasks in mind. In addition, its wide die-cast nose is tough enough to bear heavy weight continuously without it breaking or chipping.

NK Heavy Duty Aluminum Dual-Handle Hand Truck with Stair Climbers

NK Heavy Duty Aluminum Dual-Handle Hand Truck with Stair Climbers

Key Specs

  • 500lbs load capacity
  • two eight inch aluminum wheels
  • Weighs 26pounds
  • Height: 53.5
  • 18″ x 9″ nose plate


This handtruck is an ideal for the heavy duty commercial but non high speed use. This is because its wheels unlike other rubber wheels are of aluminum construction. The wheels are better off on even surfaces.

For stair climbing tasks, this handtruck makes a good choice because it is tough and long enough to be pulled up and down the stairs with ease.


In Conclusion, aluminum is a preferred material for heavy duty handtrucks because it is tough and durable yet light in weight.

It is easy to maintain and survives moisture environments because it does not corrode. You may want to consider aluminum heavy duty handtrucks for your heavy duty home and commercial needs.

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