8 Best Home Weather Stations in 2016 – reviews and comparison

By | November 29, 2016

Best Home Weather Stations

With the dynamics of weather and its inconsistent shifts it is necessary to have a forecast. Particularly in the present day when everything in your life must be a well-planned and fully prepared for scheme, a personal home weather station would be an ideal purchase.

With it, you are able to plan your day accordingly and stay safe with your family from any potentially dangerous elements of the weather. Let our guide take you through the purchase process with a review of the best weather stations for your home.

1. La Crosse Technology WS-916OU-IT

The La Crosse makes it on this list as a current top selling product on the market with its Indoor and outdoor temperature forecasting features that are fully accurate.

La Crosse WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer

La Crosse WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer


  • Up to 330 feet transmission
  • 3 sensors for data reception
  • Up to 24 Hour time display
  • Uses only 2x AA batteries

This weather station is ideal for your home as it spots a digital thermometer that works as a non-inconveniencing wireless remote for the clock. It can record the daily highs and lows of the temperature around your house and these are generated right in your yard thus forecasting is specific and accurate to the last for temperatures within your specific location.

The data is received from a range of up to 330 feet through the remote sensor. You are able to see these specifics for each hour as the station displays a 12 to 24 hour clock. Your temperatures would either be displayed in degrees Celsius of Fahrenheit degrees.

With only 5.86 x 3.3 inches in dimensions, the display is fully portable and it uses only two of AA batteries which mean much less worries about energy!

2. AcuRite 02027AI Color weather station.

Full- color calibrated display for your humidity and temperature reading displays, the AcuRite makes a beautiful display ornament that is, however, fully functional.

AcuRite 02027A1 Color Weather Station

AcuRite 02027A1 Color Weather Station

The Top Features

  • Up to a 100 meters of wireless transmission
  • Aesthetic table-top fully colorful display
  • Readings down to negative 40 Degrees

Data is pulled directly from your backyard thus you are sure to get readings that are location specific. The weather station is deal for your humidity and temperature reading forecasts which would be recorded with a time stamp for each particular hour’s reading.

You are able to get data from a range of up to 330 feet from the sensors and these would be displayed right on your desk or table in the house. You would be able to get these personally self-calibrated for up to 24 hours each day.

This easy to install weather station is a forecaster for more than just the temperature and humidity weather elements but would also give you details of the phases of the moon for each period and the intelli-tie clock ensures these are accurate to the minute.

3. AcuRite 750077 Jumbo Weather forecaster

With a huge display of minute weather forecasts for the temperatures and humidity elements neatly displayed on the LCD display, the AcuRite gives you ready access to the data that you need for your day’s planning.

AcuRite 75077 Weather Forecaster

AcuRite 75077 Weather Forecaster

The Top features

  • Only 6.2 x 7.9 x1 inch dimensions
  • 12-24 hour weather forecast display
  • 14 forecast icons for display
  • Up to 330 feet wireless range

It features an atomic clock which means that it is never wrong on time thus each reading is time specific within your location. This clock has a to-the-minute accuracy and can adjust into daylight serving mode, all on its own!

You have 12 hour to 24 hour readings displayed with 14 different icons and this coupled with the exactness of the forecasts from right in your back-yard enables you to plan the day well ahead of schedule.

The built in thermometer and hygrometer give the station an ability to give very accurate readings which come in a compact sized portable display and remote designed for your convenience for easy mounting.

4. La Crosse Technology 308-1414B Wireless Atomic Digital Color Forecast Station with Alerts

La Crosse makes it again on this list with an atomic digital color forecast with personal alerts for specific set readings for the day.

La Crosse Atomic Digital Forecast Station

La Crosse Atomic Digital Forecast Station

Top Features

  • Self-Setting timely readings
  • Both F0 and Celsius0 readings
  • 2x AA batteries

Coming with a full-color display featuring full icons of the sunny, partly sunny, snowy and stormy aspects of the day this makes for an ideal station for your convenience.

You can set time for personal alerts of particularly high and low readings of the weather during the day. You also get low battery indications so that you may adjust accordingly. The full display will also show you the signal strength for you reading transmissions.

The monitor will calibrate readings for the outdoors and the indoor temperatures with precision. The weather station would also give you dew point and heat index data. All of this would be fully featured in a compact and portable one pound weighing frame.

5. AcuRite 02007 Digital weather center

All on aesthetics and functionality, this particular AcuRite station is ideal for the home décor conscious. It comes fully calibrated in color and giving precise throughout-the-day forecasts.

AcuRite 02007 Digital Weather Center

AcuRite 02007 Digital Weather Center

The Top Features

  • 433 MHz signal strength
  • Up to 330 Feet transmission
  • Auto brightness dimming
  • Weather-proof aspect

The illuminated display that comes in full color is a huge plus feature and would display all readings clearly and in an easy-to-read mode. The day’s temperature and humidity readings are displayed as arrows for quick encompassed interpretation.

There is a barometer featured that is self-calibrated for the high and low readings with precision and forecasting is mostly to the degree accurate because the weather station gets all its data from a strong 433mHz signal thus leaving no room for minute reading lapses and lagging.

The automatic brightness dimming is especially important for energy saving and what’s more, the station is weather resistant!

6. AcuRite 01512 Pro color Weather station

A fully fledged 5 in one weather forecaster, this particular AcuRite is ideal for more detailed station readings.

AcuRite 01512 Pro Weather Station

AcuRite 01512 Pro Weather Station

Top Features

  • 5 in 1 element forecasts
  • Full color LDC display
  • 2 year battery life
  • Readings down to -40 degrees

For accurate readings on the wind speed, rainfall quantities, humidity and temperatures with a weather ticker, get the AcuRite 01512 weather station. With a full color display the elements are tracked for the day, month, annual and all time readings with much precision.

The weather ticker will give live streaming of data that includes the moon phases and a denotation of the outdoors level of just how it “feels like” so you decide appropriately on the gear to carry along with you.

The station is electric powered and has the option of battery powering so you may take it with you anywhere. This energy is easily saved through the self-dimming aspect on the brightness level.
For reference on historical weather readings, there is a rainfall history feature. The battery has a two year life span before they would need to be replaced or recharged.

7. Ambient Weather WS-10001 Wi-Fi Observer

The Ambient is an all-weather station. It comes in fully featured to give readings on all the weather elements with minute precision and all this information displayed at the request of a simple click.

Ambient Weather OBSERVER

Ambient Weather OBSERVER

The Top Features

  • 915 MHz transmission signal
  • Wide range of -40 up to +149 F0
  • Data Archiving SD card feature
  • Solar Radiation and UV protection

This is a full pack weather station and there is much data that you ca get from the small station. Solar powered and coming with a Wi-Fi remote monitoring system, it speaks much on modern technology convenience.

There is a 915 megahertz signal strength which supports precise sensory transmission. This data is combined with internet data through the Wi-Fi console and this makes the readings more informative and accurate.

The observer is an all in one for all the elements with an assortment of wind vane and cups, solar collecting function, rainfall, temperature, pressure as well as the sun aspects of rising and setting with the moon phases for an updated data source.

In each of these readings you can save the information for future reference with use of the SD card!

8. AcuRite Pro Weather Station with PC Connect

This weather station is the convenience you seek when you have a busy schedule and still want to stay informed on the day’s climatic state. It comes with a PC connection thus you can see the data from your PC.

AcuRite 01036 Pro Weather Station

AcuRite 01036 Pro Weather Station

The Top Features

  • 5 in 1 element readings
  • PC SD connections
  • Applications for IOS and Android
  • 2 year battery life

With an illuminated color display it works perfectly with any desk or house set-up as a décor feature. However, its main attraction would be the PC remote connections which you may utilize for viewing on either your smart phone or PC through the application software which works for both android and IOS.

The readings may be interactive in that you get to share them through social media, via Weather Underground rooms and even Rapid Fire updates for information dissemination with those in your circles who may be affected by the readings.

The station gives you readings down to -40 degrees and you may set personalized alerts for the remarkable changes in weather conditions or when required conditions have been reached during the day or month.

What to look for in Home Weather Stations

With various models and products on the market, trending would be the weather stations that afford you an option to fully view your readings on a display that gives you clearly displayed data.

You would also need to look out for the stations with colorful LCD displays for a beautiful visualization aspect. Depending on your location, you would also need to know the elements that a station can give readings on because you want to know the data that would help you directly in line with your location, if hurricanes feature much in your area then you would need the 5 in 1 stations with wind and storm readings.

Lastly, consider buying a station that has much signal strength and a wide reading range of temperature and humidity readings. Most feature down to -40 degrees and up to 149 degrees so unless you are in for a major weather catastrophe most locations would be pretty much covered.

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