5 Best stair climbing hand trucks and dollies – Top picks and reviews

By | April 12, 2016

Stair climbing hand trucks and dollies

Hand trucks are handy tools for moving weight up and down staircases and sloped surfaces. They reduce the effort required to move weight and reduce injury risks. Ideally, it takes two people to move weight up the stairs safely. This may not be possible where stairs are not wide enough to accommodate two people.

Some of the important factors that users look out for in a stair climbing handtruck include stability, durability, adjustability of handles, tire or wheel design.

A good choice of truck will save your joints and back the strain of carrying load because weight is distributed evenly on the handtruck. This makes it possible for you to lift heavy load with minimal effort.

Stair Climber Hand Truck

Stair Climber Hand Truck

Stair climbing hand trucks are bit different from ordinary 2 wheel hand trucks or 4 wheel flatbed dollies.

In this post, we take a look at some of the best stair climbing hand trucks that allow you to carry heavy weight upstairs easily.

1. NK Heavy Duty Aluminum Dual-Handle Hand Truck with Stair Climbers, Die-Cast Nose

The NK Heavy duty dual-handle truck with stair climbers tops our list. The two-handled heavy duty light weight will help you move weight up with ease. It has a high load capacity and a die-cast nose designed with high strength and rust resistance in mind. Aluminum lasts long so you can expect it to give you long service.

NK Heavy Duty Aluminum Dual-Handle Hand Truck with Stair Climbers

NK Heavy Duty Aluminum Dual-Handle Hand Truck with Stair Climbers

Key Specifications

  • 500pounds load capacity
  • 8inch tires and wheels
  • 53.5inch height
  • Preassembled
  • Weighs 26pounds
  • 18 by 9 inch nose
  • Two wheeler

Features and Benefits

Although not designed for high speed applications, this two-wheeler works wonders with heavy load on staircases. Businesses and homeowners are fond of it because it is durable. Its die-cast nose is strong enough, however it is easily replaceable incase it is damaged.

Its textured non-slip handles are suited for firm grip to give you full charge of the handtruck. In addition, it 8inch wheels are wide enough to glide through any stair height. Never mind if your stairs are steep, heavy duty dual-handle truck with stair climbers will do the job just fine.

2. Carbon Steel Two Wheeler Stair Climbing Hand Truck

This two wheeler stair climbing handtruck makes it second on our list because of its 3-wheel triangle configured tires. These wheels roll up the rise of stairs with more ease compared to the traditional 1-wheel configuration. The rubber tires are ideal for any type of surface so there is no worrying about slip-offs.

Carbon Steel Two Wheeler Stair Climbing Hand Truck Black

Carbon Steel Two Wheeler Stair Climbing Hand Truck Black


  • 46 inch overall length
  • 16 inch frame
  • 420 pounds load capacity
  • Weighs 18.5pounds
  • Rubber tires


First, it is light in weight. Secondly, it is foldable. For these two reasons, this handtruck can conveniently be carried around and stored.

It is made of carbon steel which means that it is very tough and firm for carrying heavy load. In addition, its wheel design is an added advantage for the keener weight mover. It is important to mention that the 3-wheel configuration is specifically designed for the staircase.

3. Stair Climber Aluminum Hand Truck Commercial Quality

Commercial handtrucks usually need to be tough, light in weight with strong tires because of the repetitive nature of tasks and variation of loads being moved from one place to another. The stair climber aluminum handtruck commercial quality makes it third on our list because it fits all these requirements. In addition, it has a 3-wheel tire design suited for stair climbing and a wide base for bulky load.

Stair Climber Hand Truck

Stair Climber Hand Truck


  • Heavy duty aluminum construction
  • Ridged
  • Non marking 6.25inch solid rubber tires
  • 2 handled
  • Wide 18inch nose plate with 7.5inch depth
  • 330pound capacity
  • 60inch overall height
  • 3-wheel tire configuration
  • Weighs 40pounds

Distinct Benefits

Businesses like the stair climber aluminum handtruck commercial quality for its height. The longer the overall height of a handtruck the more efficient it is on the staircase. 60inches is a long enough height for different staircases.

This tool too has a three wheel configured rubber tires which perfect the equation of effectiveness.
Three wheeled configuration is best for the stairs while rubber tires are good for any surface type.

It has also been constructed with heavy duty aluminum. Therefore, durability and toughness are guaranteed.

4. Haul Master Appliance Hand Truck Stair Climber

The appliance hand truck has been built to move delicate but heavy appliances. It is highly versatile and can be moved on just any type of surface, staircase, slanted surfaces, rough terrain, name it. Every effort has been made to ensure that your appliance is fastened in place and the selected wheels are tough enough to bear heavy load. Appliance shops are more than satisfied with this handy tool.

600 Lbs. Capacity Appliance Hand Truck Stair Climber Steel Frame

600 Lbs. Capacity Appliance Hand Truck Stair Climber Steel Frame

Key specifications

  • Heavy duty double-stitched webbed strap with a buckle
  • Non marring solid rubber wheels
  • Fold-out box lifter extending toe plate for big cartons
  • 600lb load capacity
  • Steel frame construction


That its frame is made of steel is to ensure that this tool can bear maximum weight repetitively without collapsing or bending. It comes fixed with a double stitched webbed strap to fasten your appliance firm on the handtruck. Otherwise, you would risk damaging the delicate appliance before it reaches its destination.

It is also collapsible meaning it can carry loads of varying shapes and sizes. The wheels are a plus when it comes to heavy load and varying terrain. You can expect to move your load safely on any surface.

This handtruck however, may not be ideal for the traveler. At 40 pounds, it is slightly heavier.

5. UpCart – The All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart

A combination of 3-wheel configuration and the ability to fold are the qualities that people look out for in a stair climbing handtruck. UpCart all-terrain stair climbing handtruck has the additional advantage of an innovative design so that it can be used conveniently for varying tasks.

Key Specifications

  • Weighs 11.7pounds
  • 43.9inch overall height
  • Cast aluminum alloy frame construction
  • Folds to 4inches
  • 3-wheel tire configuration

Distinct Benefits

Whether you are a home user, commercial user or simply a jack of all trades, this tool presents a good option. It has been built to accommodate heavy weight, bulk, and varying terrain with its light weight.

It works well on staircases with its 3-wheel tire design. This design allows four wheels to always be on the ground for an even distribution of weight and improved stability.

For storage, this innovative equipment has less space requirements as it easily folds to 4inch thickness. Furthermore, it is self locking, spring assisted and has telescoping handles that can be adjusted to different heights depending on the user and the surface on which it is being pushed.


Moving weight up and down the stairs can be a very strenuous and risky task and should not be done manually. Stair climbing handtrucks are handy tools for reducing weight and making it possible to move heavy and bulky load safely. Handtrucks should not be overlooked because their importance is very significant.

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