How to choose the best Dehumidifier for your needs

By | May 8, 2016

Need to Reduce Humidity

A dehumidifier is more of a household gadget that helps in reducing humidity in the air. High levels of humidity in the air can cause extreme discomfort and cause the growth of fungi like microbes at home and this could be potentially harmful to our health.

A dehumidifier draws out excessive moisture from the air and ensures that the humidity level is optimal. Additionally a humidity sensor can check the level of humidity in the air.

A dry, arid atmosphere doesn’t make for a very conducive living environment. First it makes you susceptible to illnesses and then you could end up with severe respiratory problems as well. Wood also absorbs a lot of moisture and the furniture at your home tends to age due to high humidity.


There are many dehumidifiers available in the market and the best dehumidifier is one which is able to efficiently remove moisture from the air. The functioning is fairly easily to understand. The fan inside the dehumidifier gathers air from the surrounding and pulls it inside the dehumidifier.

The cooled coils inside absorb the moisture from the air which stays on the coils and eventually drips into a water reservoir and removed using an exhaust. The heat that is generated during the cooling process is again used to reheat the room.

Features to consider

Some of the key features to consider while buying a dehumidifier are

  • 1. Its efficiency – the optimal functioning of the defrosting system
  • 2. Compressors and coils
  • 3. The size of the tank
  • 4. The humidity sensor and its quiet operation.

The use of dehumidifiers goes beyond household bounds as they are extensively used in gun safes to absorb moisture that could possibly corrode the metal. Different brands use different techniques to remove moisture.

Some use non-toxic water glass crystals, but need to be recharged every few weeks. Rod shaped dehumidifiers are thin and effective as they are portable and available in different lengths.

Choosing a dehumidifier

Before choosing to buy a dehumidifier at home, it’s best to read up dehumidifier reviews on the various brands. Some important factors include the area you wish to dehumidify. If the area is big then the tank capacity and extraction rate ought to match with it. This will ensure that you’re not manually emptying the dehumidifier all the time.

An automated timer function is also important so that you don’t have to remember to switch off the dehumidifier once the desired level of humidity is reached. An allergy filter is an important device that needs to be cleaned periodically to ensure that the dehumidifier functions effectively.

As these filters draw out dust, moulds and various other allergens, maintaining them is very essential. The heater ensures that the air is kept dry so that there is no formation of mould or spores and the atmosphere remains warm and cozy.

The dehumidifier market is constantly evolving and newer models work efficiently, quietly and are economical. Dehumidifiers have been specially customized to serve specific locations, so if the area you live in has high levels of humidity, dehumidifier manufactures design units that are most effective in the current weather.

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