Magna Cart Ideal Steel Folding Hand Truck Review

By | April 16, 2016

Magna Cart Ideal Steel Folding Hand Truck

If you are looking for a sturdier version of the Magna Cart personal, this is it. Steel construction makes it more ideal for small but heavy duty tasks of up to 150 lbs capacity. Steel is known to be slightly heavier than aluminum but the strongest of metals.

Its strength is further enhanced by the 5″ solid wheels so you are sure to use it over a long time for your heavy duty tasks. Having to decide between the magna ideal steel cart and the magna personal cart will depend on the nature of your application for it.

For instance, the auto parts dealer who moves around heavy and bulky metallic weight most of the time would appreciate this track more than the personal cart. However, the simple home user or traveler with a bit lighter weight to move will go for the personal cart.

Feature Benefits

Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

1. Telescoping Handles

Like its predecessor, this cart has a telescoping handle extending to 39inches full length so your 6feet height should be the least of your worries.

2. Foldable

It is foldable and opening it up for use is quite easy. Simply lift the handle up while at the same time pressing the yellow button. It snaps open the moment you push in the yellow button. Folding is equally easy and takes seconds.

Again, it’s easy to store and move around with in your car trunk because it folds to slightly over two inches and has retractable wheels that make it easy to fold.

3. Enhanced Stability

Perhaps an outstanding difference is that this handtruck is secured by a brace that holds firm the middle telescoping rod to increase stability when moving objects around.

4. Solid Rubber Wheels

If surface is anything to base your choice on, this solid dolly rolls smooth on just any surface. Its solid rubber wheels confidently glides on both smooth and rough surface under heavy weight.

This may sound like reckless treatment on other regular wheels, but for these, damage would be the least of your concerns, let alone replacement.

Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

The wheels are designed for both flat surface and the staircase although you may consider being more careful on the staircase especially if moving bulky load.

5. Light weight steel construction

If you are the person who needs a portable light weight dolly for your heavy duty tasks, the Magna cart Ideal Steel folding hand truck makes a good option because even with its steel construction, it weighs less at 9.8pounds compared to its carrying capacity.

Just to be precise, because some wonder whether it is steel or aluminum, this handtruck is made of steel, but the horizontal supports are made of aluminum. The handles are covered with smooth tough plastic for comfort on the palms while maneuvering it.


In truth, this handtruck is handy for your fishing or boating adventures, grocery and shopping sprees, sporting trips, camping escapades, moving homes or the simple home or office tasks.

Couple it with a bungee cord to fasten your load and you are good to go. It is long lasing, resilient, and easy to use, store, and travel around with. This handtruck has everything you need.

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