Toro 51592 Super 12 amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum Review

By | May 8, 2016

Toro 51592 Super 12 amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum

The Toro 51592 Super 12 amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum is powerful and makes any type of yard work a breeze. With five star ratings from recent customer reviews and a very affordable price for all, this leaf blower is hard to beat.

With Toro being rated as the number one brand of electric blowers, you are guaranteed compelling excellence and the best leaf vacuum on the market.

Toro 51592 Super 12 amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum

Toro 51592 Super 12 amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum

The 3-in-1 leaf vacuum has a diverse two-speed motor that delivers the ultimate amount of air blowing and air suction flow. It is very comfortable to wear and is so simple to maneuver with its well-balanced and compact lightweight design. A simple flip of a switch converts the blower to a vacuum instantly.

The Toro 51592 is also a leaf shredder which can devour ten bags of leaves quickly and turn them in to one single bag. Saving you hours of back-breaking labor and money that you no longer need to spend on those expensive trash bags.


Now lets take a look at some of the important features of this powerful leaf blower.

  • 12 Amp electric blower/vacuum easily maneuvers between blowing and vacuum mode
  • Leaf shredder reduces 10 bags of leaves to 1 bag
  • Equipped with 2-speed motor that is compact and well-balanced
  • Exclusive cord-lock system holds power cord firmly in place
  • Delivers up to 230 mph of air speed

1. Powerful 2-Speed Motor

The leaf vacuum gives you the choice of what speed to use, while working on different types of applications. The high speed has the adequate amount of power to tackle the toughest and thickest of leaves and debris. It will even move rain-soaked leaves from your lawn.

The low speed feature is great for areas where the air velocity of high speed only creates a mess like on hard surfaces or tight areas. Low speed is also ideal around planted areas and flower beds where high air flow would damage them.

Here is what a customer said –

“The two different speeds is perfect for when I need to do my driveway or patio I just kick it to low. Has supreme power for the tough jobs. Packed with power but it is amazing how it is so light in weight. I will highly recommend to the other guys”

2. Quick Conversion

The Quick release Latch lets you convert your blower into a vacuum in seconds without tools. Allowing you to quickly move on to the next job without having to stop and assemble parts or detach parts while converting your tool. The conversion is so simple on this leaf vacuum with just one easy flip of the switch.

A customer’s comment –

“The simple conversion from blower to vacuum is awesome. I love not having to break out the tools just to use the vac. The bag and attachment that are included are great. This is not only a very handy yard tool it is quality made by Toro, so I know it will last for many years. Thanks Toro, for another remarkable product!”

3. Leaf Shredder

This leaf vacuum is not only a super speed blower and a handy leaf vac, but it is also a tough leaf shredder. With a remarkable reduction of 10 bags of leaves filled to the top to one single bag after shredding the leaves with this multi-job leaf vac by Toro. This allows you to get the whole job of making your yard a show place done in the convenience of on day. No more piles and mounds of leaves hanging around until the next season.

Another comment from a customer –

“The leaf shredder seals the deal for me on the Toro leaf vacuum. It is very quick and efficient and easy to operate. When they say it is a 10:1 bag ratio for amount of leaves, it is TRUE. I ended my fall clean-up with 2 bags flat compared to 19 bags last year without the leaf shredders help”

4. Better Vac Performance

Designed with a unique and very beneficial fan to reduce clogging, which constantly improves and consistently maintains a maximum vacuuming flow rate. Which results in a complete and better vacuum performance with each use. Hassle free leaf vac, without the interruptions of messy and time consuming clogs.

5. Cord-Lock System

Nothing is more frustrating than losing power from your tool because it came unplugged. Especially when it does it over and over throughout the application process. This leaf vacuum is built with an exclusive cord-lock system. It holds the power cord firmly in place so the extension cord will never come unplugged from the unit while in use. Giving you the ability to work without the frustrating pit-stops of plugging the unit back in.

6. Max Air Velocity

Toro’s best leaf vacuum comes with maximum air flow capability. It has a high air velocity of 230 miles per hour (MPH), and a large air volume of 255 cubic feet per minute (CFM) while in blower mode and a (CFM) of 390 while in vacuum mode. With these high combinations of air speed (what moves the debris and leaves) and volume (what keeps the leaves and debris moving) there are no limits for your robust leaf vacuum.

What the customer’s think –

“A couple of the guys on the job site actually fight over who gets the Toro leaf blower over the other brand models. I have a lawn care business and I have seen all types of yard tools and Toro’s super-amp is by far the most reliable and powerful. Gets the job done twice as fast!”

Whats Included With Your Purchase

  • Toro 51592 Super Blower Vic
  • Vacuum Bag
  • Attachment Nozzle
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping

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