Review of The Toro 51599 Leaf Blower

By | May 5, 2016

Toro 51599 Leaf Blower

The Toro 51599 is one of the best leaf blowers in the market. With all of its outstanding features and remarkable benefits, it surely blows any other electric leaf blower vacuum right out of the way. It is the only Toro electric blower to offer a tough and rugged metal impeller and an infinite variable 12 amp speed motor.

The forceful power it delivers is unmatched and the versatility it offers allows you to tackle all types of outdoor clean up jobs and applications. The Toro leaf blower is a three in one tool. It is a quick and effective blower, a high suction vacuum that is easily converted with a flip of a switch, and a leaf shredder with magnesium metal blades to shred and mulch all the leaves and debris. All of this in just one light weight tool that only weighs 7 pounds!

The Toro leaf blowers take the back-breaking labor right out of yard work. I threw my rake and wheel barrel out today. They are no longer needed with this here. It is so amazing. All I can say is that I don’t know what I was thinking all those years when I faced the yard without this handy tool

1. Metal Impeller

The magnesium serrated metal blades on the impeller shred leaves and other unwanted debris into a fine mulch.

The metal blades will devour and shred even the most stubborn of debris, such as acorns, small stones and rocks that always seem to end up in the pile, twigs and small branches, and pretty much whatever small yard debris that the blades encounter, they will shred and eliminate.

“The performance of the Toro blower vac is INCREDIBLE! What a difference it makes having metal blades for an impeller. I live in a much wooded area, and this thing turns it all into mulch. Even all the prickly small pine cones that fall like crazy. I will never own another blower again. This is the toughest one out there”!

2. Infinite Variable Speed Control

This is ideal for anyone that has multiple tasks to encounter outdoors. From tough lawn chores to simply blowing off your driveway, patios, or under furniture and tight spaces. With its wide range of variable speed options, the Toro leaf blower can maneuver through all types of various applications.

With the ability to balance between air speeds and air volumes the Toro leaf blowers’ ensure you an adequate power and a maximum performance each use. Giving you the option to match the power to the task!

“It gets five bursting stars from me. Not only is it powerful enough to rip through my large lawn area, but with all the different speeds I am able to use it on anything and everything. On low-speed I use it on hard surfaces and it doesn’t make a mess and there is absolutely no particles or dust flying around”.

3. 16 to 1 Leaf Reduction

The mulcher feature in the Toro leaf blower ultimately reduces leaf volume sufficiently to save about $60-$70 in extra yard waste collection charges in a single season. It has a ratio of 16 bags packed full of leaves and debris to just one single bag of compost once you have mulched.

The amount of leaf reduction is substantial and eliminates not only the cost of garbage bags, but the space they take up. Most ideally, you are left with a nutrient rich compost to spread throughout your yard and garden.

Here is what a customer says –

This was my first fall season to own the Toro, and so far I am impressed with it. The leaf reduction amount is TRUE. I can’t believe the amount of bags I used to fill up compared to this years one bag. It made a great compost too. So far, it has lived up to all my expectations

4. Hurricane Wind Force

The Toro blower and vacuum has a compelling amount of air flow and air volume. While on high speed the blower has a maximum air velocity of 235 (MPH) with a large air volume of 255 cubic feet per minute (CFM). While switched to vacuum mode it has an even larger air volume at 390 (CFM). With this robust combination of high air power you are guaranteed to whip right through the yard quickly just like a hurricane.

You might want to anchor down the lawn because this tool may just blow it right out of its own roots. LOL J. I am 100% satisfied with the power of this blower and how user friendly it is. I recommend it to friends, family, and even folks I don’t know. This is a must have tool for anyone with yard work ahead

5. No Tool Conversion

The Toro blower can instantly be converted into the vacuum by simply flipping the Quick-Release Latch. Allows you to quickly switch to any modes without the requirement of tools. Ideal for anyone that likes to get the job done without having to stop and fuss with other tools.

6. Quiet Operation

Measuring the sound by decibel in the Toro leaf blower. The decibel (dB) is a measure of sound intensity; that is, the magnitude of the fluctuations in air pressure caused by sound waves. A sound pressure level of 0 dB represents the threshold of hearing in the most sensitive frequency range of a young, healthy ear, while the thresholds of tickling or painful sensations in the ear occur at about 120 to 130 dB.

The Toro 51599 has a low dBA of 72 which promotes a quiet operation. On a sound comparison chart that is equal to the same noise a household vacuum cleaner makes. Your neighbors will appreciate it, as well as your ears!

Extra Accessories Included

  • Blower-Tubes
  • Vacuum Tubes
  • Vacuum Bag
  • Operating Manual
  • 2 Year Full Warranty
  • Free Shipping

What Others Are Saying About This Toro Leaf Blower:

It is nice to know that it comes from a company that is so reputable and so far it is everything they say about it. LOTS of power. Love the variable speeds and most of all I love how light weight it is

Not as loud as the majority of the blowers you see. I can still have a conversation with my wife while running the unit

This thing is a beast. I am so glad I went with this model. I will be recommending it to all the guys I work with

This little Toro blower vacuum is the best investment I have made in a decade

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